American Artist – Rick Tolar

Rick Tolar has always shown a deep interest in the abundance

of colorful wildflowers growing near his home. In the spring and summertime, Tolar sets out across the countryside in search of that perfect specimen to photograph. Flora or fauna have an equal attraction to the Austin based photographer who admits that “hue and chroma are very enticing” when evaluating his next colorful subjects. Perfect architectural formation of the flower is as important as the saturation of color with every flower he shoots. Tolar is an avid student of light and light interactions and uses this knowledge to capture the essence

of the plant. His use of ambient light, dark backgrounds and macro photography entices the viewer to investigate the

subtle tints and shades of the inner flower and witness a sense

of balance and mystery. “Nature has supplied us with a floral palette of millions of colors and we just need to capture them and make them timeless.” Capturing them, in all of their glory, is exactly what Rick Tolar is dedicated in doing for the years ahead.